"Dream it, work for it, appreciate it." 

- I have built my career on the foundation of this vision.

How it all began for me

I am a Hungarian born fashion hairstylist, living and working in London. My passion for styling hair started at a very early age which quickly spiralled into entering hairdressing competitions. 

I always knew that I will be a creative hairstylist. I started living this dream by gaining technical skills while getting heavily involved in the creative world. 

Where I've worked

My career took me all throughout Europe and eventually London where I have developed my cutting and styling skills through advanced training and years of experience at the prestigious Hob Salons.

I have learnt from the best and most influential hairdressers and session stylists to broaden my knowledge. I have worked on sets of major fashion and beauty campaigns and have been fortunate to publish creative session works with award-winning photographers.

During the last ten years I specialised in creating hairstyles on weddings, photo shoots, fashion shows, editorials and music videos. In time I started my own business to follow what I love: design bridal hair.

Just to demonstrate how diverse hairdressing can be, please find a selection of fashion photos, bridal styled images and a section dedicated to how I can help make your special day unforgettable.

Get in touch

And if you like what you see, or just want to find out more, you can contact me here.

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